With 25 years of combined experience, Sarah and Megan shared a vision to help people and companies, especially small businesses, define their journey. After taking the time to define our own journeys, we created JBG Studios. JBG Studios is passionate about helping you, or your company, capture and define your journey. Merging our skills in multimedia, marketing and management we offer a wide range of services to help your visions come to life. We will work with you or your company on individual projects or on a long-term basis as you navigate the road to success.

Meet Sarah and Megan:

Sarah Gibson

Owner & Visionary

With a Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunication/Fine Arts (with a concentration in graphic design and photography) from Indiana University, I have drawn from my experiences to create JBG Studios.

I spent seven years as a Washington, DC based producer, web designer, photographer and production manager. I have produced television shows for Fox, Tru TV, MSNBC, Mojo and the Discovery Channel. I worked as a public relations, marketing and merchandise manager for the Gerald Pelletier family, known for the Discovery television program, American Loggers. I gained additional experience as a Marketing Executive with a Maryland based software company and a Creative Services manager for a nation wide photography firm.

My passion for helping others define their companies and events, paired with my experience with photography, videography, web design, and marketing, gives me the perfect platform for helping others see their visions come to life.

Megan Oswald

Owner & Business Guru

I found the passion to help small businesses and difference makers grow, while receiving a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Florida State University. I bring this love into iJourney.

I spent 10 years in Tallahassee, Florida managing customer service and production departments. I have built three new departments and lead a department merger. During this time I have hired, managed and trained almost 1000 seasonal team members, developed department policies and procedures, worked with presidents and directors on quality control and feedback, and lead a team in developing new software.

After helping my mom bring her dream to life, my love of helping small business was re-ignited and I was more than ready to make that dream a reality! My passion for helping other grow their small business, paired with my experience in management, customer service, training, and photography gives me the perfect platform for helping others see their visions come to life.